Her Sacred Fires 2016

Her Sacred Fires at Avalloka, in Glastonbury, where I participated in the Rite organized by our Key Bearer Sorita d’Este.


The 7th year of the rite has been a wonderful one which has reaffirmed how much people from so many countries are reaching out to others in community and companionship. It’s wonderful to see the lights of our candles and torches beaming out into the darkness and piercing it with Hekate’s fire, bringing enlightment and knowledge of Her mysteries to so many homes and temples.

Each year, I see a few places on our map of where the Rite takes place which are far out from the usual Europe and the Americas. This year I was surprised by the Philipinnes and Kagoshima in Japan, Luxor in Egypt, and the town where I spent my teenage years, Dundee in Scotland. My heart was grateful and amazed to see one devotee doing the Rite at Lagina in present day Turkey, where the largest temple to Hekate has been found.

Many more people have provided feedback on their celebration than put a banner on the map. Doubtless, many of the people are in fact groups and not individuals. We find it so hard to quantify how many people in fact do the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. But then, this is not a numbers game. It’s not a game at all. It’s about devotion and about the search for spiritual and magickal knowledge. Which can only ever begin as an individual experience, within a single heart, a single mind. Only then can it go forth and be disseminated and shared among other like-souled people.

No, I am not making a mistake with English, a language which has been my primary language for 42 years now. I’m naming simply a concept to describe souls which gather together in a spiritual endeavour.To be like-minded is one thing and no doubt useful. To be like-souled is to draw close to being a family which endures. I think this is what those of us who persist are becoming: a family of souls. For which thanks must go first and foremost to this most ancient and most modern of Goddesses: Hekate. Then to this most ancient and most modern of souls (for the axiom like draws like is correct) Sorita d’Este for being that one single soul who accepted the calling and continues to listen carefully to Hekate and then act according to conscience and circumstance. From this happy conjunction, the rest emanates for those of us who congregate around the Covenant of Hekate and who invest our own energy, seeking, learning and teaching each other in fellowship and devotion. To be solitary and persistent in devotion is noble and requires inner strength over years and decades. To grow with others requires patience also and an awareness  of the needs and functioning of the group in an entirely different way. This is the path the members of the CoH are following and in this I hope we will continue to evolve and grow under her guiding light, Her bright torches.


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